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Beauty on Campus, a little bit about how I met Caryn by Richard Yaker

Caryn continues to Inspire

Joe DiMaggio Hits Torah Portion Out of the Ballpark (by Caryn's Father's First Cousin)

Caryn's husband Rich has become a Law of Attraction based Life Coach inspired by his healing from the loss of Caryn

Other Memorials to Caryn

Best Friends Animal Rescue
In Defense of Animals

Selected Speeches from Caryn's Funeral

The permanence of life is an illusion (by david koff)
Eulogy for Caryn (by Jacques Thelamaque)

A message from Caryn to Her Mother

Corner of The Sky

Donations in Caryn's name can be made to an
incredible shelter that specializes in Pit Bull
rescue and placement:

Contact: Tia Maria Cardello @ (661) 268-0555

Or these charities which are helping Rescue pets involved in Hurricane Katrina that are rated highly by the The American Institute of Philanthropy

· Best Friends Animal Society
Best Friends Animal Society
5001 Angel Canyon Road
Kanab, Utah 84741-5000

· In Defense of Animals
131 Camino Alto, Suite E,
Mill Valley, California 94941

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A portion of proceeds from purchases made at the store benefits animal rescue organizations around the US.

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