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DISH TV Packages to meet every family budget

Flex Pack


50+ channels

Starts with 50+ channels and more. Pick your favorite Channel Pack to be included. Pay $39.99/mo price guaranteed for 2 years! Add Channel Packs for as little as $10/mo.

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America's Top 120+


190+ channels

Free premium channels for 3 months Free HD, ESPN, regional sports and local channels. Free Protection Plan for 6 months and Free Standard Installation!

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America's Top 200


240+ channels

DISH gives you everything in America's Top 120+ and much more... Sports! NBA, MLB, SEC and NHL networks plus Multi-Sport Pack More channels such as Bravo, Sundance, A&E,and Disney XD Sirius XM Music Channels

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America's Top 250


290+ channels

You get all the entertainment and sports that is in America's Top 200 and... 17 movie channels including Starz Encore, TCM and The Movie Channel More channels including Nat Geo Wild, Nicktoons and DIY Add the Hopper 3 for the ultimate in entertainment experience

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Pull up the Hopper's customizable Multiview Mode to create your own HD sports bar or keep an eye on the weather, the news and the game all while watching your favorite sitcom.

Enjoy Netflix account directly from the Hopper DVR. Plus access dozens of your favorite apps like Pandora, Vevo, Weather, YouTube and more.

Access and watch thousands of movies and shows OnDemand in your home or anywhere you want on the go with DISH Anywhere.


You won't find anywhere else.


For all the places you go - the doctor's office, auto repair shop, your long commute - take live and recorded TV with you and never be bored again! DISH Anywhere lets you enjoy your favorite shows, movies and sports anytime on any device. Whether on a road trip, or just in the other room, you can access what you want, wherever you are at any time.



Get the Hopper 3 Smart DVR and experience the most advanced, most powerful DVR in the world! Watch TV while recording up to 16 of your favorite shows or movies. Keep up with the latest news and weather while watching your favorite show - Multiview allows 4 pictures on one screen! This is entertainment at it's best!



Save time! Skip the commercials on selected prime time recordings. No more lost remote with remote finder and DISH voice remote browses just what you feel like watching at the sound of your voice! Dish gives you the best technology in the business!


Dish Service

Dish offers something for everyone with some of the most diverse programming available. Choose from kid and family friendly shows on channels like Disney, Nickelodeon, and Animal Planet or peruse movies and bingeworthy shows on premium channels like HBO, Showtime, and Cinemax. Whatever your taste in entertainment may be, Dish has something for you.