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May 2005

I've added some new fresh basil recipes for this year on the lefthand sidebar of this page, so enjoy! Planted some lemon basil, Italian Large leaf basil and purple leaf basil just as the month started, and they are looking pretty happy. Not sure if I'm going to grow thai basil this year or not, depends if there's room. The African basil plant from last year is going strong, and has so many leaves I'm even keeping some of the flowers rather than pinching them back, just because they look pretty. This year I decided to plant mostly lemon basil because that is by far my favorite basil to use for recipes. But it is more sensitive to drops in temps than the Italian basil, so I planted a few of those too so when winter starts to roll in, I'll still have fresh basil in my garden--at least through Christmas.

Culinary Herb Trio

Contains 3 terracotta pots measuring approximately 6" high, & info regarding each herb and its uses. Herbs pictured are Sweet Majoram, African Basil, and Rosemary. Variety substitutions will only be made if seasonal shortages occur.

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March 2005

Ah, the longing for the smell of a sweet basil leaf! Usually, basil plants grow pretty easily. Well, growing basil was just plain hard to do this winter, as the enviromental conditions just weren't particularly kind to the basil plants. Even though I did my best to keep pinching back the buds, and at this point think I pretty much know how to grow basil successfully, I think everything was pretty much dead or really leggy by the end of November, which for So. CA is a short season. RIP for the Australian Basil plant too, would love to find another, but don't remember where I got it. Maybe Santa Monica Farmers Market. Had a lemon basil volunteer but that eventually died too. The African basil plants are just starting to come back, so we'll see how they do over the next month or so. So far, they seem to be doing pretty good. By the end of April, I can probably put in new plants of the Italian Basil and Lemon Basil varieties, assuming this rain GOES AWAY!!. The slugs and snails are going nuts this year, so the tender leaves of young basil plants will be fertile munching ground I'm sure. but don't let that stop you from planting basil in your own garden. Basil plants can be grown in the vegetable garden, used as a filler in perennial or annual flower beds, and are even a good plant for city gardening, as basil will also grow in pots on a sunny windowsill. and nothing, but NOTHING, beats cooking with fresh basil, so put some where it's close for you to clip a sprig or two when you need it!

June 2004

African Basil plant is not faring well. Have tried to prune it back. DRASTICALLY. We'll see what happens. Did the same to an Aussie Basil plant, also a perennial basil, that had gotten a bit leggy, but that one seems to be coming back a bit quicker than the African plant. However, huge success with all other basils, and actually had fresh lemon basil in my garden last year that lasted me all the way through January. I think Lemon Basil is my favorite. Can't walk past it without touching the leaves just so that the scent stays on my hands for a little. Incredible. Made delicious sauce with some tomatoes I had frozen from my garden (yum!) Then I was thrilled in May when I found another huge ziploc bag of my tomatoes that had languished, forgotten, in the back of Freezerville, so since this year's crop was in full swing already, I just made myself some fresh sauce early this year! As always, this year I'm growing Italian Large Leaf Basil, Italian Sweet Basil, Lemon Basil, Red Leaf Basil, Spicy Thai Basil & Globe Basil. All plants are happy, getting huge and taste as good as ever!

Companion Planting Tip for Basil: Basil makes a good companion to tomatoes, not just in the kitchen, but in the garden! Basil deters tomato hornworm, aphids, flies and mosquitoes, slows the growth of milkweed bugs and acts as a fungicide. Use 3 basil plants for every tomato plant. 

March 2002

Got an African Basil plant about a month and a half ago which supposedly will over-winter and should live indefinitely as long as it is kept from flowering. I'm keeping it in a pot until I'm sure it likes its location, but so far all appears good. It would be great to have fresh basil in my yard all year round. The lemon basil, sadly, did not make it. The area it was in lost more sun than I thought it did by the time winter rolled around. I might try some this year near where the African basil is and see how it fares there...

Did You Know?

The faeries who watch over the basil can help us awaken greater discipline and devotion.


My two favorite kinds of basil to grow are the Sweet Italian Basil and Lemon Basil varieties, both of which are excellent with tomatoes and tomato sauces. But I particularly like using the lemon basil in stir-fries. This year I planted my basil plants in the sunniest possible spot in my yard, hoping that I could keep the plants growing all year round, which is at least theoretically possible here in Southern California. I always plant basil in the same bed as my tomato plants, as they are companion plants that very much like to be near each other. Having basil nearby improves the flavor of the other vegetables, keeps away harmful insects, and encourages pollination of your tomato plants by attracting pollinators with those big flower stalks. However, to keep the plants producing leaves throughout the growing season, clip of buds as they form at the node BELOW the node where the bud has formed, basically clipping off all of the tall, long, stalks than you can. I have 6 basil plants and there is no way I hardly have the time to keep them flower free, and thus, I accept their help with pollination as well. But cutting them back is good to do as much as you have time for--this encourages the plant to grow out instead of up, and you'll have all the tasty leaves you need for all the pesto and homemade tomato sauce your tummy can handle!

Natural Pest &
Environment Controls

Basil may help protect your tomato plants from insects but slugs still LOVE to suck on basil leaves.Protect your plants from nasty slug damage. Lured by the tasty bait, slugs and snails stop feeding soon after they eat Escar-Go!

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