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Sta-Home™ Lady Beetles
They stay longer in your garden, and help you control aphids and many other garden pests!

PyolaTM and Soap-Shield®
Save on this Special Spray Combo

Gardeners should have these two products on hand right from the start of the season -- Pyola to control insect pests and Soap-Shield to fight disease. Like the moldy mildew and fungus that can attack tomato plants under very moist environmental conditions. Buy combo and pay $5.95 less than if purchased separately!

Protect your plants from nasty slug damage. Lured by the tasty bait, slugs and snails stop feeding soon after they eat Escar-Go!

Tomatoes Alive!® Plus
25% higher yield than original Tomatoes Alive! And what great flavor! This all-natural fertilizer produces vigorous plants, big crops and luscious flavor in tomatoes, peppers and eggplants.
1 lb bag.


enchanted green: my vegetable garden

Kiwi Fruit



Beautiful country though it is, New Zealand is one bitch of a 15 hour plane ride away, so I decided to bring a little bit of Kiwi charm right to my very own Los Angeles fence! Male pollinator is often cultivated for its striking pink, white and green foliage, but both male and female plants are needed for fruiting, as kiwi is not a self-pollinating kind of plant!

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